Friday, September 18, 2015

Tip of the Week - Downloads

It has been a while (a LONG while) since I've used this blog. But I want a spot to archive tips and techniques and I'm resurrecting this spot. I hope it gives you a nice place to find some of the help you might need!

And to kick things off, the first Tip of the Week for this school year...

When you download something from onlineŠ installer for software, a PDF, a Google calendar, a new font, or anything elseŠ.it all gets put in one spot. The Downloads folder. Sometimes people can find their Downloads folder. Sometimes not. And even if they do, it can get very fullŠand then it gets harder and harder to locate the file you want. there a better, easier way to manage your downloads?

Well, first of all, I like my downloads to go where I can find them and use them right away. For me, that¹s the Desktop.

But the question do you make them go to the Desktop? There is not a one-step solution for this. You have to implement this solution once for every browser you use ­ Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explore (does anyone really still use that one??). In each browser, go to the Preferences for that browser. So let¹s use Firefox as our exampleŠopen Firefox, pull down the Firefox menu, and choose Preferences. There you will find the options for downloadsŠ

Save files toŠ which allows you to pick any place you want (for me the Desktop)


Always ask me where to save filesŠ so that you can choose every time you download a file. Honestly, this gives you the most control, but really, how many times are you gonna pick a different location??

Chose the option you want and you are all set. At least for Firefox. Now repeat that for every other browser.

And remember, no matter where you download files toŠ use them and them deal with them correctly ­ use them and delete them or file them in the right spot. Don¹t allow them to clutter up your desktop. Always remember, every item on your desktop slows down your computer measurably. A full desktop is a much slower computer.

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