Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Great Overview of Computer Viruses

Common Craft creates great training videos. But saying that would be misleading you. That might make it sound like they have long videos of presenters with slide shows trying to teach you things. Nope. They have 3-minute videos using paper cut-outs and the most basic, straight-forward explanations of things related to technology. On their site you'll find such things as Social Media and the Workplace, Twitter in Plain English, Secure Passwords Explained, and much more. And not all of their videos are about technology, so check their list of featured videos to discover more of what they offer.

For today, I want to guide you to one specific video - Computer Viruses and Threats. This 3-minute video gives a great overview to the basic types of threats to your computer with some good suggestions for how to protect yourself. Check it out!

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