Monday, April 11, 2011

A Group of Resources

Today I just wanted to throw out a bunch of great web sites that offer curriculum resources in reading, keyboarding, and math.



Worksheet Works

60 Second Recap

Tar Heel Reader


Storytime For Me


Arcade Typing Tutor
A download to help kids learn to type on the Mac.

Good Typing
Free online typing course for all ages.

Typing Web
Free online typing lessons and games plus a large teacher portal for managing a class roster when several kids are learning to type.


Worksheet Works
A treasure trove of resources from basic math facts to algebra and geometry and measurements and more.

The Problem Site

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
I'm definitely not the kind of person who believes in lots of worksheets. And yet, when you need one, it is great to have some quick resources.

Khan Academy
A tremendous collection of videos showing math skills from the most basic to the most advanced.

Put in a problem, get an answer. Sometimes seeing one problem solved provide the clues necessary to learn how to solve more.

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