Friday, February 18, 2011

Tech Tips For Parents - And Everyone

Google has created a fun and very useful new service called Teach Parents Tech.

The idea behind this service is that younger adults who are skilled with technology often end up in the role of tech support for their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. So to make that process easier, Google staff recorded some very simple videos that explain how to accomplish certain tasks on the computer. The videos fall into the categories of - The Basics, World Wide Web, Communication, Media, and Finding Information. There are 52 videos in all...most of them lasting less than a minute.

So how does the service work? You go to the web page, fill out a basic form where you select where the video is going and what video will be sent. And then you send it off. They get it as an e-mail with the video embedded and ready to watch.

But don't think these videos are just about Grandma. And don't think you have to have one sent to you in order for you to watch. Anyone can just go to the page, click the "View All Videos" link...and watch whatever video will help you do what you want to do!

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