Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Resource for iPad and iPod Recommendations

I'm always on the lookout for a good source of referrals when it comes to technology. There are just so many options, there is no way I can check them all out. So finding someone else who has put together some great recommendations is awesome.

And that is what I've found at Babies with iPads.

The focus of the blog is more about very young children using iPads and/or iPod Touches. But if you scroll through a few of her posts, you'll find quite a few general posting about iPads and children with Autism. For example, check out his two part post on App Recommendations for Students with Autism here and here. She gathered those from some other blog, but shared all of them on her blog.

Also check out such posts as New Apps That I Found Lately and Tanya, a Speech Language Pathologist, Offers Her Top 10 List.

This blog seems to consistently offer great recommendations for apps....so check it out!

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