Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Effective Blog Post

Today's challenge is to locate and share an effective blog post. That's easy. I'm going to direct my readers to Richard Byrne's post So You Want To Be a Writer? In fact, I could just direct you to Richard's entire blog because I think all of his posts qualify as good examples of effective posts.


For one thing, the title tells me what I'm gonna read. It might be catchy or it might not...but it is very clear. I know what I'm gonna get. And when time is short and I'm trying to read a bunch of items, I like being able to choose what to read from titles that are clear and to the point.

Richard is also to the point. He doesn't waste time with extraneous writing. He gives a nice intro to the topic, provides links to resources, and sometimes includes a short video with instructions. The end. I've gained a new resource and/or learned a new skill.

When I'm reading personal blogs on my own time, I enjoy a funny story, a cute photo, a tale that is well told. But when I'm learning and gathering resources during my professional time, I like a blog that offers consistent, quality information...good links...and clear explanations...without a lot of extra stuff. Richard's blog, Free Technology for Teachers, does just that.


  1. Hi Emil
    You have justisfied clearly why you feel Richard Byrne writes 'must read' posts. The anecdotal situation where he guides the writing student to places where he can find a receptive audience and continue to develop his passion is inspiring. It shows Richard's strong drive to share his incredible knowledge of the huge range of resources out there. The links to quality information and 'easy to decipher' how-to books and resources that can be freely downloaded are awe-inspiring. Your final statement says it all. Well done.

  2. I agree with both your posts in the Kickstart your Blogging Challenge, Emil. Especially the lists (there seem to be an awful lot of them! I'm guilty too!)Clear, to the point writing on professional blogs is important - as teachers we don't have time to waste.
    I also agree that many blogs have distracting elements that make them difficult to read (flashing signs, rotating widgets etc). However, I understand that this is personal preference and many of my students love to customise their blogs in this way. So, if the content is interesting and concisely stated, readers shoud be able to focus on that. Best wishes for the rest of the blogging challenge.

  3. I agree that a clear title works well - though sometimes it not "catchy". As a blogger, I struggle with that sometimes, i.e. wanting to be witty as just going straight to the heart of the matter.

    Ultimately, an effective blog as a personal preference, is one that meets the purpose of the reader.
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

    btw, great choice of blog to recommend!

  4. Thanks for the link Emil. I have just signed to follow Rick's blog. So, just as you said about Free technology for teachers you have done that for me, you have provided me with a good resource and clearly explained why it was going to be benefitial.


  5. Hi Emil,

    Thank you for the very kind words and endorsement of my blog.

    All the best,

  6. I already subscribe to Richard's blog and I have to agree with everything you said. Isn't nice to read a post that is to a point and that is informative.

  7. I subscribe to Richard Byrne's blog and count on his tech tidbits for use in my classroom! He is quite good. Do you read Larry Ferlazzo, too?

  8. Hi
    Visiting via the Teacher Challenge. I like the way you delineate between personal blogs and professional blogs. I think, at this early stage of exploring Edublogs, that I have the two intertwined a bit.

  9. Hey there, I also enjoy FT4T and I like your blog. I believe we post about simalar topics and I am going to add you to my subscription list. Thanks to the Teacher Challange for putting us together.

  10. Thanks for all the comments! Mrs is true, the line between professional and personal can easily get blurred. I try to keep those two worlds in their own corner, but it doesn't always work.

    Mr Riley...if we post about similar things, I would love to read your blog. But clicking your name gave me a "blogger not available" message. Feel free to drop by and leave me a link!