Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Before and After The Spring Clean

It seems the weather in Connecticut is determined to prevent education from taking place. Today is only our third day of work in the past eight days. So I'm just a tad behind in the Teacher Challenge.

This particular challenge was about Pages. Pages are the muscles of the blog. Well, at this point, my blog might be the 98-pound weakling.

I created an "About Me" page today as part of the challenge. I'm not entirely sure it says anything that would make someone want to read my blog more often. So I'm certainly open to comments and suggestions.

And I already had two other pages - Older Posts and Resources.

Older Posts - Prior to setting up my blog on Blogger this year, I blogged sporadically on Edublogs. I had chosen Edublogs because, well, it seemed more about educators. But my personal blog was on Blogger. I had experimented over the years. I had learned how to tweak an HTML bit here and there. I had a better grasp of using the widgets, importing graphics, etc. So I moved my professional blog to Blogger this year just cause I felt more comfortable. So the Older Posts page is really nothing more than a link to the older posts on Edublogs. That can stay in place.

Resources - I really thought it would be nice to build a resources page for teachers. But as part of the Spring Cleaning piece of this, I'm considering tossing that one out. Resources are great. But links change. Web sites come and go. And I wonder will I really have time to go back to all those links periodically and check each one, updating as needed? I think not. So I'm thinking a better place to put resources would be right in the main blog postings. For example, on Friday I posted about some good sites to print out calendar pages. Maybe it just makes sense to post about resources as I find them, tag them well, and let that be a place for folks to find the resources they need? Again, comments or suggestions would be welcome on the best way to do this.

I'm enjoying this Teacher Challenge. It is certainly making me think. And hopefully improve. And I'm finding some great blogs to follow as I connect with others who are doing the same challenge.

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  1. Hi Emil
    After reading your Anout Me page I will certainly be following your blog. It only took 3 words - special, education, autism. In one of my many roles (you can read about these on my blog) I am mentoring special ed. teachers in the middle school. In the past 12 months I have introduced teachers and students to blogs, wikis and web 2.0 tools. These students often find school and learning challenging due to intellectual disability, however since they have been introduced to meaningful ICT tools, their achievements and engagement has been staggering. I will be following you and your students with keen interest.