Thursday, December 2, 2010

When Good E-mail Is "Junk"

Sometimes we check our Junk Mail folder, only to realize that messages we really want to receive are never showing up in our Inbox. Good mail can inadvertently be sent directly to the Junk Mail folder. So how can you correct that problem?

In our program, we all use some version of Microsoft Entourage. Under the TOOLS menu in that program, you can select Junk E-mail Protection. When you do, you'll find an option for Safe Domains. In that box, you can type in any domain that you want to always have considered as "not junk". For example, in my Safe Domains list, I definitely include "" and "". I've also added another dozen or so domain names just to make sure I always get mail in my inbox from certain locations.

Using your Safe Domains list as part of your Junk E-mail Protection is the smart choice so you don't miss out on critical messages.

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