Monday, September 12, 2011

A Brand New Year

The title makes it sound like Day One. Actually we are already into Week #2. But getting time to blog has taken a back seat to helping other folks get up and running with new versions of Microsoft Office, working to help update our database, trying to be supportive to staff who want to implement new things, etc.

And trust me, I get very excited by staff who want to implement new things! I've got a couple of teachers working on a new journaling activity using the iPad. Another teacher wanted to incorporate music into the classroom via iPad and iPod. And one teacher setting up a new classroom blog. I have a lot of fun helping those folks!

And I've organized my staff learning opportunities for the year. In the course of this year I'll be doing workshops on blogging for families, using video in the classroom, using powerpoint in the classroom, ways to incorporate the iPad into the curriculum, using social media with the students, and much more.

I think it will be a very exciting year!

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